Virtual tour, is a multimedia product of software joined spherical panoramic photos, which enables the user to see the photographed space in 360 degrees and move from one point to another using computer.
Topicality. Nowadays it’s a cultural mainstream to read textual information to a lesser extent and receive most of the information through multimedia – videos, infographics, photos, and so on. Shortly speaking most of the people do not read text, they read pictures. Because of the highly universal context of pictures, they can be only exactly “read” when explained in short laconic text.
Spherical panorama in the blink of an eye enables your customer to make an impression of your space – shop, hotel, salon, street, square, etc. Professionally made virtual tour, filled with proprietary context information (title, text, photo or video album) in the form of spherical panorama enables you to have a very strong marketing tool.
Application. The most common application of virtual tour is when it’s used to introduce the space at which your work is performed and take a “walk” in it.
However, virtual tour could be applied to perform a lot more functions such as:

  • as an alternative your business web page;
  • with the help of graphic content virtual tour can be used to visualize your future plans and have a unique tool when communicating with investors or other people, interested in your project;
  • virtual tour helps a lot when working on exhibitions or presentations. Regarding interactivity, it’s more effective projection material than video or slides.

It’s important for your business to have aesthetical, thorough and ergonomic virtual tour.
By the way, cost of the virtual tour always is optimal as it has to payback as soon as possible and give the highest profit to the client in shorter time, than say, all marketing and advertising tools with old technologies – photos, video clips, used till this day.