About me

My name is Vitalijus Janusonis. I was born on March 7, 1958. Involvement in photography developed in me before high school. I’m particularly interested in nature and landscape photography. I get a lot of new thoughts and nutriment for my soul from it. It is worth admitting that we are nothing compared to nature’s immensity and pertain to it like minority to infinity, though dependent – for centuries it’s our shelter in the process of life. Neither of us can be born, nor live and die.
When taking photos, not every time I pay attention to rules when trying to signify my mood and my viewpoint to the world. I respect every opinion and not trying to encourage anybody to like my work. I’m happy when people understand me and my work. If even one person likes my creations – I’ve succeeded.
I am licensed photography artist and a member of Lithuanian Photographic Artists’ Association, awarded with national art creator’s position. I am IVRPA (The International Virtual Reality Photography Association) Professional Member. I’ve never refused to cooperate in any of the projects or suggestions.